Blatchford community wins Federation of Canadian Municipalities award

Since 2001, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Sustainable Community Awards showcases and celebrates environmental initiatives and sustainability trailblazers in municipalities across Canada.


Blatchford is the winner of their Neighbourhoods award. This award category recognizes innovative approaches completed at the community scale, where the initiative is improving sustainability in at least two of the following sectors: energy, water, waste and transportation.

Blatchford has been thoughtfully planned to improve sustainability in all of these sectors. 

Energy: The most ambitious environmental goal for the community is to achieve carbon-neutrality and use of 100% renewable energy. Blatchford Renewable Energy plays a major role in helping the community on its sustainable energy path. Our community District Energy Sharing System is a highly energy efficient system that uses renewable energy sources. The use of this system means that essentially, the entire neighbourhood’s heating and cooling needs will be met by recycled, shared energy! Learn more about how it works here.


Learn more about how Blatchford is improving sustainability in the other sectors – water, waste and transportation – below: 

Water: A combination of low impact development design features such as bioswales, rain gardens and stormwater ponds will slow down and capture water runoff in Blatchford, and will improve the water quality before it enters the drainage system. Homes will have water-efficient fixtures and water and energy efficient appliances. Water cisterns in the parks will collect rainwater for use in the community gardens.


Waste: Blatchford has prioritized recycling materials and reducing waste during construction. The former airport runways were crushed to be reused as material for road construction and the former airport hangars were deconstructed instead of demolished, resulting in over 90% of the materials diverted from the landfill. To reduce the impact of trucking excavated materials from the site, a large hill in the central park will be built using the soil from the excavated stormwater ponds and builder lots.


Transportation: With transportation accounting for 30% of Edmonton’s greenhouse gas emissions, Blatchford shows a commitment to eco-friendly travel by prioritizing pedestrians, cyclists and transit commuters above private vehicle traffic. Plus, with local shops, services and amenities planned throughout the neighbourhood, along with two LRT stations, a favourite coffee shop or bakery will be easy to get to, without residents needing a car or having to leave the neighbourhood.


Visit FCM’s website to learn more about the awards!