Heating and Cooling Your Home

Your Blatchford home is already using one of the most efficient mechanical systems for heating and cooling – heat pumps.  By moving heat, rather than generating it, they consume much less energy than traditional systems.

Here are a few other tips for making sure you are getting the most benefit from your system.
  • Your home has been built with a ‘smart’ thermostat. Program your thermostat to automatically lower the temperature in the house when you are away at work or sleeping. Many of these thermostats also have vacation settings, so you are heating your home to a comfortable room temperature when you are away.

    Don’t forget to do the reverse in summer! Because your system automatically provides air conditioning, make sure you set your thermostat at a higher temperature, so you aren’t cooling your house unnecessarily when you are away.
  • We all know the power of the sun! In the summer, you can close your blinds to keep sunshine from adding extra heat to your home.
  • Like all heating and cooling systems, properly maintaining your heat pump will keep it running efficiently and for longer! Just like you would get a traditional furnace serviced on a regular basis, your heat pump equipment needs to be maintained as well. Check your heat pump maintenance manual for its servicing requirements.

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