There is insufficient heating or cooling

  • Check the circuit breaker in your electrical panel to ensure that the breaker has not been switched out of the ON position. If the breaker has been switched out, reset the circuit breaker by switching the breaker out of the OFF position and back to the ON position.
  • Check the thermostat and heat pump controls settings. Refer to the equipment manual for details.
  • Check the heat pump for fault codes
  • Contact a qualified service technician (review the sticker attached to the heat pump to find the manufacturer, make and model of the heat pump and then search online to find service technicians with experience working with the equipment). Have a service technician check that the District Energy Sharing System (DESS) control valve is working properly, DESS auto flow valve is not obstructed, and DESS flow rate is normal through the heat pump HP (2.8 gallons per minute gpm per nominal ton).
  • Refer to the heat pump manual for additional troubleshooting suggestions.