Important Notice RE: Heat Pumps in Homes

Planned infrastructure work in the community resulted in a temporary power outage to the community’s Energy Centre. This power outage has been resolved but it may have triggered the heat pumps in the homes to enter into an alarm mode. Your heat pump will not be able to provide heating or cooling services while in the alarm mode.

To restore your heat pump to regular function, follow the suggested instructions below:

  • In your electrical panel, look for the circuit breakers labelled “Heat Pump” and/or “Backup or Emergency Heat” and/or “DHW Heat Pump”. Based on how your builder labelled the breakers, the label names might vary slightly.
  • Reset the circuit breakers by switching the breakers to the OFF position and back to the ON position (it may take a few minutes to reset depending on your heat pump model).
  • If the circuit breaker is already in the ON position, turn it to the OFF position before turning it back to the ON position.
  • Do not reset the circuit breaker labelled “District Energy Meter” or “DESS Meter” (or similar naming).
  • Test if your heat pump is operational again by adjusting your thermostat and checking to see if the heat pump turns on to provide heating or cooling.

If you have any further questions, please contact Thank you for being a valuable Blatchford Renewable Energy customer and for your understanding.